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Aloi Material Handling, Inc.

Company details

Company Types Dockside cranes - container handling, Factory cranes - ergonomic handling equipment, Pipe lifting and handling tongs
Products Offered Coil Handling Crane Attachments, Container Handling Cranes, Drum Handling Cranes, Hot Material Production Crane Attachments, Material Handling Equipment, Stillage Handling Cranes, Waste Handling Cranes


Aloi Material Handling, Inc. - Head Office

Additional infoOverhead Cranes, Modular Enclosures, Ergonomics Consultancy, Work Positioners, Hoists, Materials Handling Equipment Installation or Servicing, Shelving, Storage Equipment or Systems, Assembly Tools available from Aloi Material Handling, Inc. based in Rochester, NY.
Address 1660 West Metro Park, Rochester, NY 14623
CountryUnited States
Phone(585) 292-0920
Phone (2)(716) 685-9142
Fax(585) 292-1740
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