Thursday, 8th of June 2023

Atkinson Truck Sales

Company details

Company Types Crane leasing and sales, Tower cranes - truck mounted (Spierings-type), Truck Cranes - all-terrain cranes, Truck cranes - lattice boom, Truck cranes - telescopic boom, Truck loader cranes - knuckle-boom
Products Offered Floor Truck Cranes, Forklift Truck Crane Arms, Truck Crane Spare Parts


Atkinson Truck Sales - Head Office

Additional infoIndustrial Tractors, Container Handling Cranes, Floor Truck Cranes, Dump Trucks, Dumpster Bodies or Containers, Heavy Duty Tow Tractors, Trailers, Earth Moving Tractors available from Atkinson Truck Sales based in Chatham, VA.
Main Contact PersonJ.R. Atkinson - Owner
Phone+434 432 9770
Fax+434 432 9774
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Contact persons Jason Payne (Sales/Buyer) - E-mail (please click) - 434-548-6000