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Additional infoABC Crane Co specializes in crane rental of GCI Tower Cranes. This self-erecting, self-contained tower crane works great on grain elevators, cell phone towers, water towers, high rise apartment buildings, steel buildings and much more. Image reaching a maximum tip height of 340' in a matter of two hours! The operator can sit in the cab (140'up) or run it from the remote controls on the ground; whichever, is the safest procedure for the job. The GCI Tower Crane compares to a 300 ton hydraulic; however, much more cost effective. It's quick and simple mobilization, set up and hourly rate saves contractors. Contractors appreciate the GCI Tower Crane for the convenience of setting the crane up in one spot and reaching the entire steel building and grain elevator. The GCI Tower Crane is perfect for cell phone towers and water towers because of the quick set up in confined areas. The GCI Tower Crane is a MUST to consider in your next project. Call our office for quotes on mobilization and set up. Questions or comments are welcome.
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