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Cable Ties Direct

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Company Types Cable, Cable management and conductor systems, Remote control equipment - cable, Tools - wire rope, cable, chain
Products Offered Container Crane Oil Cable Connectors, Container Crane Petrochemical Cable Connectors, Crane Cable Trolley Systems, Crane Direct Current (DC) Electric Motors, Gas Container Crane Cable Connectors, Mobile Cable Cranes


Cable Ties Direct - Head Office

Additional infoThe most complete stockholding and widest range of cable ties in the UK, upto 1.5m in length, standard colours and fluorescent colours, releasable ties, UV resistant ties, standard marker ties, fluorescent marker ties, mounting head ties, panel mount ties, aluminium ties, lashing ties, automotive ties, twist ties, beaded ties, loop end ties, stainless steel ties in a choice of stainless grades and multiple sizes at a fraction of normal prices.
Address 172-76 Clun Street, Sheffield, S4 7JS, UK
Phone0114-249 9259
Fax0114-220 6936
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