Tuesday, 22nd of September 2020

Challenge Power Transmission P.L.C.

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Company Types Power chains, Transmission systems
Products Offered Crane Power Supplies, Power Clamping Crane Grabs, Power Generation Crane Control Systems, Power Slewing Swing Jib Cranes, Roll Power Clamping Crane Grabs, Trolley Crane Power Supplies, Trolley Duct Crane Power Supplies, Trolley Way Crane Power Supplies


Challenge Power Transmission P.L.C. - Head Office

Additional infoPower Transmission manufacturers / distributors The Challenge Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of power transmission components and the complete range of Challenge branded products are sold through its global distribution network.
Address 1Merryhills Enterprise Park, Park Lane, Wolverhampton, WV10 9TJ, UK
Phone(01902) 866116
Fax(01902) 866117
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