Friday, 25th of September 2020

Coffing Hoists and Little Mule Products

Company details

Company Types Hoists, Hoists - chain, Hoists - lever, Hoists - wire rope
Products Offered Crane Hoists, Crane Wireless Communication Products


Coffing Hoists and Little Mule Products - Head Office

Additional infoCoffing Hoists And Little Mule Products is a manufacturer of material handling equipment including electric chain and wire rope hoists, air wire rope hoists, lever and hand chain hoists, trolleys, beam clamps, cable pullers, other hoist accessories, hoists test stands, below the hook lifting devices, jib cranes, enclosed light rail systems and accessories.
Address 1Country Club Road, PO Box 779, Wadesboro, North Carolina(NC), 28170, USA
StateNorth Carolina
CountryUnited States
Phone (2)704-694-2156
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