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Daifuku Europe Ltd

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Daifuku Europe Ltd - Head Office

Additional infoCarousel Conveyors, Order Picking Systems, Mini Load Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems, Unit Load Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems, Car In Lane Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems, Automated Vertical Lift Storage Modules, Conveyor Systems, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Warehouse Management System Software, Conveyor System Components, Chain Conveyor Systems, Stacker Cranes, Pallet Handling Equipment or Systems, Pallet or Stillages, Palletisers or Depalletisers, Automated Storage and Retrieval Shuttle Cars, Automated Storage and Retrieval Aisle Transfer Cars, Automated Horizontal Carousels, Cross Belt Sorting Equipment, Sorting Equipment Pop Up Devices available from Daifuku Europe Ltd based in Slough. Stacker Cranes
Address 1Daifuku House, 3 Waterside Drive, Langley Business Park, Slough, SL4 5BG, UK
ZipSL4 5BG
CountryUnited Kingdom
Phone(01753) 581000
Fax(01753) 582210